'Ground Zero' Templates


1. A/D Sensing Blackbox

The Analogue/Digital Sensing Blackbox template connects to a wide range of simple analog/digital sensors. Most of the other recipes listed below are variants of this recipe, and have been tagged with the A/D SENSING BLACKBOX label for easier reference.

Use this as a good ‘ground zero’ recipe if you're looking to write your own code and/or use your own simple sensor(s).

Note that for simplicity, all sensing recipes omit the Sparkfun Photon Battery Shield from the circuit & code. Refer to the Battery Monitoring template on how you can include basic battery monitoring code into your circuit.

2. Battery Monitoring

The Battery Monitoring template is an example on how one might build over the AD blackbox. The code connects to the charge controller sensing chip on the Sparkfun Battery Shield and exposes the battery-related variables and events to be sent out.