Video Tutorials

In a previously-run studio, a series of video tutorials were produced that walked through some example IoTa flows as deployed on the server.

The studios have ended, but here's the list of videos that you might nonetheless find useful – just note that these tutorials point to specific servers and names related to that studio, but the steps on how to work on these flows are essentially the same.

Paging through a large dataset

Datasets tend to return large numbers of rows. This tutorial uses some paging techniques to iterate over your data in such a way that it becomes compatible with our IoTa+Photon recipe.

Using CSV files in your data flows

How to import data sources that only provide CSV formats from the Internet.

Using an edited CSV file as a data source

Free FTP Software you can use for file transfers:

Using Twitter

How to connect to Twitter.

Setting up an IBM Watson account

If the IBM website is proving tricky to navigate to your API keys, this video walkthrough might be able to help.

Sentiment Analysis

Once you know how to retrieve tweets from Twitter, performing sentiment analysis on these text message may give us a bit more insight into the messages. You can also perform sentiment analysis on larger bodies of text (it will likely be more accurate, too).

Using Google Sheets with your data flows using IFTTT

How to use IFTTT to connect Google Sheets to your data flows.